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Words from our CEO – Building a strong team

This is my first experience with blogging, and I have found it to be a very pleasurable experience.  It is truly humbling to see the number of people that have taken time out of their day to read about the growth of Going Home.  It has been an interesting ride so far, and the list of people we owe gratitude to grows everyday.  I have a sense of motivation and purpose unlike anything I have felt in a long time.  One of the things I am most proud of so far is the team we have been able to develop.  It truly is a remarkable group of people.     We have received an overwhelming amount of interest from people wishing to join the Going Home team.  It is quite amazing how many people are interested in the field of medical repatriation.  While we cannot bring everyone that is interested aboard, David and I have spent a lot of time in meeting all of the applicants.   It is through these personal encounters that we can decide who would be the best fit for our team.  Ultimately the success of the brand and the business is dependent on the efforts of this team, and we had to make sure we got it right.  Some of the things we looked for in applicants included a sense of kindness, empathy, and participation in charitable works.     We have been successful in recruiting some truly amazing folks.  Over the next few days I would like to introduce you to some of the amazing people that have joined our team and let...

Words from our CEO – What is in a name?

I have been jotting down notes on topics that our followers may want to hear about Going Home.  I thought I would share the inspiration for the company name.  It came during one of my own flight transfers.  Although it occurred a number of years ago, it still resonates with me.   There was nothing remarkable about the transfer, a quick pick up in Mexico. It was unbearably hot and humid, the kind of air that made it hard to breathe.It had been a frustrating day, filled with flight delays and transportation issues. It had taken the better part of an hour struggling in Spanish to locate my client in the local hospital.  When I arrived in the room, I found a lovely elderly lady with her suitcase packed at the end of the bed.  I did my best to brush off the frustrations of the day, and gave her a nice smile.  I introduced myself, and she immediately burst into tears.  I was little taken aback and asked her why she was crying?  She said ” I am just so happy to know that I am finally on my way home.”  It was at that moment that I realized this is the most important service we provide to our clients.  While they may need our medical skill and equipment, what they remember is that friendly face that has arrived to bring them home.  We represent the end of this trying chapter of their life, and they can focus on going home.   It was this little story that lead to naming the company Going Home.  Once we had...

Gratitude and life lessons so far

The journey to create Going Home has taught me a lot of life lessons, and certainly given me a lot to be thankful for.  So many people have gone out of their way to help us get this business up and running.  We hit 100 Twitter followers today, and while it is a small milestone I was still so proud.  It really feels like we are building something, and that our vision of a better patient experience resonates with people.     As most of you reading this know September will not only bring the launch of Going Home, it will also bring the birth of my daughter.  I have heard from many people that it was a crazy time to launch the business.  It probably is a crazy time to launch, but her arrival is also one of my prime motivators.  I want to build something so I can create a better life for her.   Thank you all for helping us spread the word, for liking our posts, or sending us interested staff.  Thank you for supporting this crazy dream.  You helping us to not only start a company, but to build a brand....

Creating a Better Patient Experience – Going Home

Read the full interview here.   Going Home is Canada’s newest medical transport company, specializing in commercial medical escorts. The company was founded by two highly experienced flight nurses, David Corbett and Ryan Hawley. The vision statement of the company states they intend to create a better experience during...

Creating a Better Patient Experience – Going Home

Going Home is Canada’s newest medical transport company, specializing in commercial medical escorts. The company was founded by two highly experienced flight nurses, David Corbett and Ryan Hawley. The vision statement of the company states they intend to create a better experience during medical travel. We sat down with the founding partners and talked about the motivation to start the company, and where they see the business heading. We also dug a little deeper into how they intend to improve the patient experience.   1. Starting a business is big decision, what was the motivation for starting Going Home?   – Ryan – I have always had that entrepreneurial spirit, even as far back as high school. I have always had that desire to build something from the ground up. In my teens and early twenties I ran a small record label and promotion company. The lessons I learned from that experience have been quite valuable to the start of Going Home. As you know I have a true passion for flight nursing. Out of all the wonderful experiences the career of nursing has brought me, my time in the air is what I reflect on the most. David and I were having a discussion about our flight nursing days, and we started to discuss what it would be like to start our own transport company. The idea quickly built steam, and Going Home was born. Going Home allows us to pursue our passion for flight nursing with the desire to build a personal brand. I think both David and I felt we could create a better life for...

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