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Unknown Risk: The cost of a medical transport

One of the most common questions we receive at Going Home Medical is, “What does an air transport cost?” In fact, this is one of the most searched questions on Google about medical transportation and with good reason.  Clients that have fallen ill or have been injured abroad are already vulnerable and anxious.  They often find themselves in hospitals that do not meet western standards and may not be able to communicate with their caregivers.  The additional stress of an unexpected financial strain can make the situation worse.  The costs associated with transport due to illness or injury when traveling can be significant.  If you are not covered under a travel insurance policy or an evacuation membership program, it can be financially crippling.   Often people do not consider these costs as something that will affect them.  I was a perfect example of this way of thinking.  Before working in the Air Ambulance industry, I had never bought travel insurance or an evacuation membership.  Despite being a frequent traveller, it was not a concept that resonated with me.  I would always see the little message asking if I wanted to add travel insurance when making a reservation and felt this option was similar to ‘Do you want fries with that?’  I figured that I was young, healthy, and invincible.  There was no need to incur an additional cost, for a product I would never use.   Once I joined the industry as a flight nurse, my perception of this protection drastically changed.  I quickly learned that the cost associated with an evacuation was enormous, often exceeding six figures.  I...

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