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This past month, I attended one of the largest global conferences in our sector.  The week was filled with the hustle and bustle of meetings and business development opportunities. Going Home Medical worked very hard to position us for growth with new partners globally.  However, this was not the reason that I found this conference to be rather unique.  What fascinated me was the global relationships and human connections at such an event.   In addition to the business development opportunity, the conference was also a unique window into the complex eco-system of medical transport.  The event was host to over 800 people, from across the globe.  The attendees included travel insurers, assistance firms, air ambulances, ground transport companies, brokers, and ancillary support companies.  It was fascinating to learn about new organizations and their incredible business models.  I do not know of any other industry that has so many unique niche players that play such a vital role.   After my hectic schedule of meetings, I had the opportunity to break bread with a group of friends from the industry.  The group consisted of people from 16 different countries, all with varied backgrounds and qualifications.  Each person represented a different spoke in the wheel of the important work we do.  The conversations were about travel, kids, and experiences rather than the strict business dialogue that occurred during the day.  It was a rather remarkable thing to see everyone come together as friends.  I felt blessed to be a part of it.   I was also fortunate enough to spend some time with people who had attended this conference for...

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