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Travel Safety Tips for the LGBT Community

The travel market for the LGBT community is growing exponentially.  With ample disposable income, this niche market is a dream for the global tourism industry.  With the click of a button, you can find LGBT-themed cruises and resorts. Nearly every major travel company and destination now has an LGBT marketing strategy.  According to a 2014 community marketing and insights survey that included over 3,500 self-identifying LGBT participants, 82% recorded taking a vacation in the previous 12 months, and 29% said they take five or more trips per year. However, things are not always easy for those within this community when traveling.  The LGBT community faces more hurdles than any other demographics when going to certain locations outside of North America. Many destinations are unfriendly or even oppressive to homosexuality. Seven countries still consider homosexuality punishable with the death penalty, and 70 imprison citizens because of their sexual orientation. Knowing this information is important, as several steps can be taken to make travel safer.  As we are an organization that proudly supports and protects LGBT travelers, I thought I would focus this month’s blog on some tips for the gay and trans communities.   Know Before You Go   When it comes to avoiding hostile environments abroad, the key is conducting plenty of research before leaving.  Identifying as LGBT is illegal in 37 of Africa’s 54 countries, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries, and parts of Asia, including Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia. In Jamaica, homosexuality is illegal, and they have had horrific instances of violence towards members of the gay and trans community. LGBT travelers should also consult resources...

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