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5 Tips for Healthy Holidays

  By: Kaitlyn Price   Tis the season for chilly weather, sniffles, long airport lineups, and lots of traffic. The holidays are a popular time to travel, visit friends and family and celebrate the coming year. Here’s how to survive!   Don’t forget about the little things! With flu season upon us, wash your hands often. The CDC has reported that only 1 in 5 people wash their hands, and of those 1 in 5 people, just 30% use The CDC recommends we wash our hands with soap and clean running water and lather for at least 20 seconds. Stay warm and pack layers when you travel. This is especially important for the elderly and children who can be more prone to illness when not kept warm. Wearing layers can help prevent the loss of body heat through convection. Keeping warm can help keep your immune system strong enough to fight off those pesky holiday bugs. Keep hydrated. Aircraft travel alone can dehydrate someone significantly. Aircrafts pull in air from the atmosphere during a flight, and then filter and heat it. The air then gets distributed throughout the cabin resulting in extremely low humidity levels – about 10-20%. Keeping fluids up while flying is extremely important and can help prevent some health Travel safe, travel smart. Give yourself lots of extra time when traveling during the holidays to avoid rushing and lowering your stress According to several popular travel articles, the worst days to travel this year will be December 22-24. According to AAA, approximately 103 million Americans will be traveling this holiday season. Eat healthily and stay active....

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