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Going Home Medical Shines During COVID-19 Pandemic

Overcoming the Medical and Logistical Challenges of COVID-19   The COVID-19 pandemic has offered countless medical and logistical services for healthcare specialists and patients worldwide. Complicated travel restrictions, quarantines, and testing has made international travel a nightmare, leaving people to find alternative routes and scramble to make travel accommodations.   Going Home Medical has routinely overcome these challenges by relying on the knowledge and innovation of our staff. We have received high praise from clients and family members who highlight our exceptional customer service and global reach. 2020 has been a demanding year, but the positive feedback and happy faces as a result of our work continue to motivate and push us forward.   Bringing Grandma Home   Going Home Medical was on-standby when COVID-19 prevented the immediate return of a 90-year-old grandmother. While in Montreal receiving rehab for a hip injury, she caught and conquered the virus and needed three negative test results to be discharged.   Once cleared from quarantine, Going Home Medical sprang into action and coordinated COVID-safe travel logistics, including a registered nurse by her side. The client and her entire family were incredibly grateful for our efforts.   Doctor with Patient Travel   Going Home Medical has navigated the complicated logistics of patient and doctor travel throughout the pandemic abroad and overseas. We’ve coordinated COVID-safe travel for multiple patient escort flights, including transports across Guam, Hawaii, and abroad.   We have provided some of the world’s safest avenues of international travel possible and ensured the safety of many patients who are sensitive to COVID-19. We continue to advise and respond to the many complications...

Pandemic Business Continuity Services

Health Ensuring the health and safety of employees, their families, customers, and communities. Trust Implement duty of care and liability obligations to instill employee and public trust in your brand, products, and services. Business With a foundation of health and trust, advance your business positively.   The Challenge Essential services need to continue operations as COVID-19 evolves. While businesses are eager to open their doors, they must be mindful of the health and safety of their employees, clients, patrons, the community, and the vulnerable population. The Solution Pandemic business continuity services give you the ability to control access and screen individuals who are visiting your physical sites or working remotely.   Advance Your Business with Pandemic Solutions 1) Employee, Visitor and Patron Screening, Testing and Access Control Step 1: Obtain subject’s consent Step 2: Record subject’s temperature & health survey responses Step 3: Validate ID documents Step 4: Access denied or granted Step 5: Data made available for audit trail Technology that instills employee confidence and addresses duty of care obligations with the intake, storage, and auditing of data, while advancing trust with reassurances for the health and wellness of employees, the public and community.   2) Trained Medical and Professional Support Personnel Trained and experienced health care professionals, social workers, and access control personnel to ensure processes are held to a high standard, all necessary data is captured, and access is granted or denied without bias, in an employee and patron friendly manner.   3) Accessible Equipment and Supplies Procurement and deployment through vetted suppliers with approved medical equipment.   4) On-Site Medical Escalation and Support Immediate health...

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